Thomas Hircock – Emergency Room Nurse and
Tamsin Hircock – Student – Millersville University

The KSCF team are wonderful to work with. Over the years they have become family as well as the children we gift bikes to. Our gifts of bikes to the girls make such a difference, yet I cannot begin to describe just how much of a difference meeting with these brave children’s have made to Tamsin and me.

Thank you KSCF and team, you are the best.

Catherine Peyreaud,
President National Resources Stewardship Circle

We have worked with the KSCF team for over 10 years, to find solutions to eliminate child labour in mica mining in NE India, using the Child-Friendly Village (CFV) model. In all that time, we felt that we were partners, not just funders. Through the CFV it is not just the children’s lives that have changed, the whole village has changed, you can see the changes, you can feel the optimism now in villages and that these villages now have a future. This has not only been transformational for the children and the community, but for me and the NRSC team.

Kasper Tideman (Independent Consultant for the Corporate Sector & International Development Organisations)

Kasper Tideman is a Dutch National living permanently in Pune, India since 1993. He is an advisor to several Indian- and International NGOs and overseas business entities.

I have been closely associated with BBA and KSCF for a decade as a management-and organisation development advisor and program evaluator.

BMG is indeed a revolutionary concept that could be applied in multiple ways: The focus that starts binding the people of a rural community together is the acquired understanding relating to the well-being of all the children living in that village community, irrespective of cast, religion, gender and economic status.

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