Our Interventions

Since 2005, KSCF has been working with the Gram Panchayat, local and district administrations and the community in Koderma and Giridih districts of Jharkhand for child-centric community development including withdrawal of children from labour and ensuring access to quality education to them. The selected villages for this intervention are well known for their rich reserve of mica mineral where many children are involved in collecting mica. The villages are situated in the interior parts of the districts surrounded by forests and are almost 100% dependent on revenue from mica collection.

When KSCF began its operations in Jharkhand and Bihar, the villages were totally disconnected with the large towns/administrative areas and had little or no access to road, electricity, functional schools and health care facilities. The government officials and civil society organizations had never visited these villages, due to their remoteness and Naxalite challenges. There was no employment opportunity for the community and they were completely dependent on mica collection for livelihood. The concept of local self-governance and child protection was entirely unknown to these village communities.

Moreover, there was the presence of extremist insurgent groups in these villages often leading to major conflict within and amongst communities. In these extremely remote and vulnerable villages, KSCF started working with the gram panchayat, district administration, children, and communities. The intervention’s core aim in these villages was to empower the gram panchayat, village community, and children to bring sustainable changes in the lives of the people and governing mechanism in the villages.

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